Monday, December 3, 2012

Aphorisms of Encouragement Saying Good Morning

In this post, Tutor Blogger will share some Aphorisms of Encouragement Saying Good Morning obtained from various sources ...

advice from me, please give one of the aphorisms below, to a lover, friend, parent, and someone else...

these are words of wisdom :

sheen up on the eastern horizon
promising a million wishes
Gently move the original point
made the earth seedlings expectations
good morning
may today be your day

drizzle swept sunlight
warm in his arms spread
for love is simple
selfless love and be loved
congratulations activity

dew drops last fall slowly
greet the dawn as foliage
small world up slowly
welcome up today
Good morning and thanks on this friendship

welcome the morning sun smiles
with a happy heart
full of joy and with
spirit of reaching goals
congratulations activity
I hope today is fun

the rest of the night shadows full moon sinking
when the outlook was still smiling
eastern horizon promises hope
longs to spread peace reap
good morning
congratulations activity

a request without a reason
a word yes, even confusing
I hope the news is coming fast
friendship hopefully pave the way
humming as removing dark night
the stars seemed to accompany a smile
survived the weekend, friends
peace in the hearts into it
morning sun greeted friendly
the birds chirp opening day
good morning
congratulations activity
hope today is better than yesterday
I am with you always
line of said
piece of longing
carried away in the arms of the wind
cold in the cool breezy
good morning and
thank God today

I woke again ..
welcomed the warmth of the sun ..
splashing dew that fell reminded me of you, ..
I would be very sorry if you do not ucapakan,.
good morning my love,.
my prayers will always keep your day2,.
Good morning dear
That's what I wanted to say to you every morning

He wanted to tell all of my dreams last night.
And I also wanted to ask what you dream last night
Are you sweet dreams?
Is there me in it?
Do you love me?
You pobud present in every dream
I wish I could share all this wonderful dream with you.
Honey, I want you to always be present in a dream and my life.
And all because of one
Because "I Love You"
Birdsong was awakened nature is fallen ..
splash gentle dew dripping from the top of the leaves ..
sunshine glanced shy and friendly hello world ..
cool dew in the morning,,
beautiful touching poem,,
Boisterous birds singing,,
Along with her came the sun, I say:
"Good Morning"

"When I sleep I can feel your love ... and when I woke up I feel your love,,, and that's what makes everything beautiful ... good morning my dear .."

Greet the morning with a smile broke. Savor the beauty of the sun with a beautiful sheen. Or enjoy a soothing soul dew. As with anything you come, I remain hopeful brilliant.

no bright light except sunlight, and there was no word that came out besides good morning love ..

Morning is a wonderful blessing. No matter sunny or cloudy. Because the morning was beginning to start something called LIFE. Good morning!

Good morning.
Morning is the time
Every morning convey said
Use me to get started
step begins today
and use today
with the best
because today tomorrow
will leave us
and replaced with a new day

sun tries to rise to enlightening day
accompany your morning
for the foot step
activity towards mu
good morning survived activity

At the moment you open your eyes I want happiness to come,
Greet the morning sun with your sweet smile,
good morning my dear
Hope your day is full of beauty

a million characters in the mystery
gently unfold
peeling naive
promised misses
good morning, good activity

when dawn chase up
shadows back into hiding
Faith ran the
look for shadows
safe working
I came here

It is Aphorisms of Encouragement Saying Good Morning ...
may be useful...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Protect Artikel Blog ( Disable Copy Paste)

Disable copy paste

On this time blogger tutorial, Tutor Blogger will provide a way to Protect Articles Blog (Disable Copy Paste) by removing the function selection / highlight on the blog article.

If you eliminate the selection / highlight the article, automatically if anyone wants to copy and paste our articles, it will have trouble.

How to Protect Articles Blog (Disable Copy Paste) it's very easy, just by adding a javascript code. Well, just follow the steps below:
  • Go to
  • On Drop Down Menu, select Layout
  • Then click Add a gadget ---> HTML/JavaScript
  • Copy Paste the following code in the field provided :

  • Completed
That way, your article will be safe from those who like copy paste ..
Hopefully useful ...

How to Make Case (Drop Cap) in Early Post Blogspot

How to Make Case (Drop Cap) in Early Post Blogspot
Drop caps is the case that its size may be 10 times that of ordinary letters placed at the beginning of the article. In this post Tutor Blogger will explain How to Make a Case (Drop Cap) in Early Post,
please follow the steps below :
  1. Login to blogger.
  2. Jump to Template.
  3. Edit HTML.
  4. find this code ]]></b:skin>
  5. Enter the code below, above ]]></b:skin>
  6. Click Save Template / Save.
  7. To apply How to Make Case Sensitive (Drop Cap) in Early Post this in every post, you must pass the Edit HTML, not by editing the HTML on your template but when I want to edit the HTML to make new posts. Type in this code first <span class="awal"> the initial letter </span>
  8. Initial letter word, replace it with the letter you are going to your first post. For example : <span class="awal"> D </ span>

Hopefully How to Make Case (Drop Cap) in Early Post
helpful, and GOOD TRY ...